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cultivation "shiso" PERILLA (Lamiaceae)

○ "Aojiso" and "Akajiso"
There is a "Aojiso" and "Akajiso" is "(shiso) perilla", each application is different. "Akajiso" is used, for example, color of pickled plum and shiso juice. "Aojiso", one is mainly used as a condiment and flavoring. Or subject to sushi and sashimi, or using the tool of tempura and dumplings, I will add flavor. In itself is not a dish, it is very useful if you have vegetables that grow even in the corner of the field.

Perilla continue to "native"
Both are native "Aojiso", "Akajiso" in the garden of Mr. "Mount Fuji". Although I started growing vegetables in earnest last year, shiso is not seeded at all this year. "Perilla" is relatively easy to cultivate, grow to some extent in the faire, I tend to grow around the seeds dropped if you leave not even a little harvest. Because so much can be spent at home, I have left over minutes is not me, I also put out the sprout year. Repeat this for many years, and I live in the field that matches the remaining species of soil and climate that field.

ideal vegetable cultivation
Thing rather than "shiso" continues to grow vegetables and native over many generations, many years, such as edible wild plants have been taking. It uses at home, it does not matter even if the small form somewhat poor. I harvested at any time growing up without permission. There is no ideal about this vegetable. Once you have planted even in the corner of the field, then you will be able to harvest any wild growing on its own. There is no doubt that if there is a little space, table of daily become rich if you have planted basil.



Japanese Ginger

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1st myoga JAPANESE GINGER (Zingiberaceae)

○ perennial potherb Easy Hassle
Is a genus of perennial vegetables ginger flavor of the ginger family "(myoga) myoga". Has been popular as a vegetable side dish perfect summer flavor, such as noodles and udon. I bloom spikes sprout rhizomes that are about 10cm underground stretches, stretching from the leaves and stems. and the ears of the time mainly edible flowers, eat as "myoga bud" Even when I was young buds. In general, I use it to raw condiments and pickles carved "myoga" spikes. Good colors for better flavor, popular as a flavoring ingredient in summer when the appetite has diminished. Because perennial that will produce buds and flowers planted many years if the stem once, I'm okay with people of Laziness. Order to grow in semi-shade under trees, etc., are also recommended to grow in the shade tangerine, persimmon, and plum. Once you can harvest every year once planted rhizome "myoga" is a perennial. If the yield is not increased over the years, so has spread steadily growing rhizomes, initially even if you can not harvest little. However, because it may yield reduces the reverse foliage is too dense too, I need a little care.

○ firstfruits "myoga" (07/30)
Spikes of "myoga", from the base of the stem and leaf of "myoga"'ve been growing steadily finally came out under the persimmon. Spikes find the "myoga" Since coming out of the ground is hard, but, I grabbed the base harvest its flowers are blooming earlier can be seen. It is harvested for the first time this year, I was able to harvest about 10 without placing a hand at all. Immediately, I tried to eat flour and soy sauce over the shredded pieces shavings 2-3. I am a delicious aroma is good, also eat rice as it is between you and garnish with the chopper. If used as a condiment for noodles, remaining noodles smell delicious to eat more often.


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◎ cultivation "cabbage" 1st CABBAGE (Brassicaceae)

○ purchase seed from seedling
Is "cabbage" Speaking of classic kitchen garden, I found the money that was brought up from the seeding planting. Those who come to buy the seedlings planted as indeed is the simplest, it may be better to sow seeds far and I think the cost is cheaper. Is about 60 yen to 100 yen is generally seedling of "cabbage", etc. are sold in home centers. If you finally grow harvest two months, three months planting seedlings, "cabbage", just like is being sold at around $ 0.99 at the supermarket. In some cases, turning off the $ 1.00 if sale is not rewarded in terms of cost comparatively brought up over many months. Of course, one 250 yen, 300 yen but sometimes in the bad weather, so expensive when it is rare. On the other hand, if you buy the seeds grow, you need at a cost of about \ per number. Now that you have purchased seeds (Shipping Included) 180 yen tax included in (grain size of about 700 to 1000) 5ml enter the net, in the case of Mr. "Fuji", the cost of one species per grain is about 0.2 yen. Of course, it does not grow all species to germinate, the cost is about \ 2 "cabbage" even assuming per one grain from the grain can be harvested and still 10. It is very planting, watering, thinning is to bring up from planting, replanting, etc., can be expected in return for still worth the time and effort.

○ planting in late July (07/27)
Made in late July, I had a seeding, "broccoli" "Brussels sprouts", "cabbage", from early in the morning. It is in the middle of a harvest of summer vegetables, such as "tomato" or "pepper", I have to prepare for the autumn-winter vegetables soon. Seeding from last year because she was made in late August, not in time at all to fall and winter harvest, he was finally forced to harvest in the spring of the following year. Planting because it was too late, I was about to buy 10 shares planted seedlings of "cabbage" hurriedly. So as not to repeat the failure of last year, I was planting early this year. We are going to create a "nursery" and dedicated vertical ridges seedling First, the replanting after. Till the partition of cultivation edamame finishing the harvest, I furrow 5m 70cm width, length, height of about 10cm. Reserved for "cabbage" for about two-thirds of the ridge, make three columns at intervals of about 20cm, we have sown the seeds muscle. Leave a mark on the surface of the soil strut about like the seeds one by one put on it, I was thinly covered with soil later. Species of the "peanut" or "corn", the "cabbage" but we Maki is similar to planting of "carrot" and a depth of about 2 ~ 3mm at most to a depth of 2 ~ 3cm.

○ The "nursery box" seeding (07/27)
Apart from the "nursery" of the field, I sowed the seeds of the "cabbage" to "nursery box." I sow enough alone "nursery", I do not know how to grow safely germination and dry. We will not be able to grow seedlings germinated and dried until a certain size to germinate Caution must be exercised, and strong sunlight. You can not change the location for "nursery", you can be placed freely in the sun in the shade if the box "nursery". Can be moved freely in accordance with the degree of growth and the weather, I will be more manageable. It is also the case of the "nursery", however, in the case of "nursery box" must be careful to put in the soil in particular. The soil of the field does not matter, of course, we are more likely to be fluffy soil germination percentage and mix the compost and mulch 3-4. Difficult to grow from seedlings become stiff and difficult to germinate if the soil is gradually rain or watering.

○ not grow unless the soil "for planting" (08/12)
Although the seeds were sown in late July for "cabbage", I re-sow does not grow at all again. I bought a plug hole tray of 16, this time I put the planting soil "for planting." Were seeded in a nursery box in late July, the soil becomes hard every time it rains but the germination, seedlings did not grow up here after all. The first seedlings to germinate, but began to grow on one side of the box, and you end up with only a few slightly in mid-August. To seeding was also reminded that it's useless if you do not use a dedicated Sat. "Soil for sowing" has excellent water retention, drainage, fertilizer minute, it is a special soil that has the softness that grow well in weak seedlings. You will not be until such a worthy seedlings being sold at home centers have to manage with great care. Is now almost wiped out some species planted on the floor of the nursery field is devastated species of nursery box now also. This time is just pray that the planting of a plug tray and this will be successful.

○ difficult to make cabbage seedlings (08/31)
I sow seeds of cabbage in the soil for sowing from mid-August, most decent seedlings I have not grown up even at the end of August. Even more than the low germination rate, I do not even germinate at all Ikuta. I think the soil is not a problem because it is the soil for planting, drought and heavy rain is repeated, as germination think, a few days here is that I do not grow. Seedlings to grow by planting requires a careful attention, is something I can not even pay attention pretty good seedling reasonable. The leaves are small and lanky stems in, it is a fragile seedling that I knew I would be flying blows germination. The very first planting was on the floor nursery vineyard Mai is the end of July, it is a continuation can fail without decent seedlings even after more than a month already. There are no workarounds, even if the wound becomes useless useless, even if the plug tray sprinkle bad, even in nursery box Jikimaki the field. I hope so that once germinated while still lanky, and seedlings can be planted in the field somehow even slightly. By approaching typhoon and from tomorrow, I have taken refuge in the tray under the eaves of the porch. I'm up to that I think I will try to instill in the field as soon as possible typhoon had passed.

○ planting of seedlings of the "cabbage" (09/09)
I planted seedlings in the field today, "cabbage" was finally raised in about one month from sowing. Had been evacuated to the doorstep about a week under the influence of the typhoon, I was able to finally planted in the field. Seedling of "cabbage" is steadily grew, I had a hard time not more than half a cabbage sprout, to grow up here. Germination rate is so slow growth also bad, I did not germinate well what was one of the hole seeding in Serutorei 128 added. It is unclear why so much bad? Germination rate, so seedlings can grow up to some of the seeds to the plug tray, I was able to planting. However, the size does not hold a candle to the extent that very small seedling leaves have finally come out even if it says four seedlings are sold at home centers. It is like planting a seedling of the mountains on the market, I is expensive and one 68 yen including tax. We will not pay in spite of "cabbage" being sold in the supermarket at about 100 yen to 150 yen one, I bought one for $ 68 seedlings. Although I am worried seedlings can be harvested in the winter and as small as this, so have laid plastic multi, I may be able to harvest before the end of the year in the thermal effect.

○ planting of seedlings of the "cabbage" (09/14) (second round)
Following five days ago, we planted a seedling of "cabbage" remaining. Since we are selling seedlings, "cabbage", etc. Now the time of home improvement, as the time of planting is timely, and the great difference is the size of the seedlings have been sold. Seedlings grown from planting at home, but is finally brought up many times and re-sow, I am still not too late growth remains small. Just because slower planting even when grown in the tray anymore, I decided to this time almost all planted seedlings. It is doubtful whether the growth in time before you can harvest in the winter, there is no problem even if you can harvest in late spring as well. First fully plowed field, I have to make a ridge width of 10cm 60cm, height. I'll sprinkle lime dolomite, chicken manure, chemical fertilizer in advance. Since the partition was cultivated "cabbage" and "radish" cruciferous last year, here I should not make the "cabbage" cruciferous same actually, Do not compelled to this location because there is no place else was. It is desirable crop rotation really, it is difficult to avoid completely continuous cropping in the home garden cultivation area is limited. I think also choose to rest the field without planting anything, I have decided to grow it will become zero harvest So, even if the injury by continuous cropping out analogy. I planted a seedling about 15 strains of the "cabbage" as in Article 1 planted at intervals of 45cm to 60cm width of ridge. I have set up a fertilizer bag enclosure doubles as sunshade, windbreak, and so poor seedling insect prevention too. Was troubled because the moth damage last year, it is safe if you have a fence from out of now. However, a concern than it is whether such a small seedling can grow safely. It is safe because the enclosure, is what I want you to grow up to about the size of the extent to which seedlings are sold to the general first.

○ to buy seedlings of "cabbage" Planting (09/18)
I planted a seedling to buy 10 shares only seedlings grown from seeds of the "cabbage" so worried. Although I tried to grow their own planting, is something I can not do quite as good. Only a few cm in size, seedlings grown in their cost performance is worried about whether you can safely harvest in autumn at best yet. Has been delayed because seedling growth is small, because there is a possibility that in the winter time to grow up. Because I like getting in trouble in the spring of the following year as well as we were able to harvest the winter, I would've been buying is not commercially available at a home improvement center seedlings. Commercially available seedlings is usually about \ 68 per share, there is a seedling of the "cabbage" of \ 398 tax included in the consolidated pack 10-pack deals, I jumped involuntarily. From \ 39 to \ 398 per share 10 shares, this is money. Thing as "Hitodori year disease-resistant varieties", in what is called the "(Barre summer) sunny summer YR" breed. With "~ mid-August," The harvest is planting time "after about 2.5 months from planting." Planted in mid-September, so we will harvest from late November to early December hopefully. However, because it is possible to stop the growth temperature of the "Cabbage" will be lower and November, and in December, it is important whether I can grow much so far. Although I should have planted more quickly if it is not go quite as planned when I'm home garden personal.